SaaS Protection with 1-year Retention
Automated Backups for Essential Business Data
Protect your Office 365 Mailbox, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and more with 3x daily, automated backups to an external secure, SOC II Type II compliant, data center.

SaaS Protection ensures data in Microsoft 365 will be protected against all forms of data loss. Restore or export important files, emails and SharePoint content that can be lost due to human error, app outages, ransomware or other malicious attacks.
Includes access to 24x7 Technical Support
available via chat, email, and phone.
A Better Solution Than Microsoft’s Insufficient Backup 

Using Microsoft 365 without a 3rd party backup means you are relying solely on native recovery options. Microsoft tools allow admins to restore lost or deleted data for 30-93 days (depending on the application) after the incident. MinneApp's program includes 1-year of retention for your data.

Microsoft also informs users that if an unexpected event were to occur and all user data is lost, Microsoft is not liable for the damages or obligated to retrieve said data and they make no promises to restore corrupted data. 

Bottom line: Companies without a 3rd Party Backup solution are not taking ownership of their business' data and are at risk for data loss.
A Better Solution Than Microsoft's Ineffective Restore Options

  • When targeting an existing folder or sub-folder to send recovered data, live data is often overwritten by Microsoft's restore function

  • Hierarchy and document permissions are not maintained when restoring OneDrive and SharePoint Sites

  • Site Collections in the tenant recycle bin can only be restored within 30 days of deletion

  • All objects consisting of documents, list items, subsites, lists, libraries, etc. are only retained for 93 days after deletion
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