Companies often use Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) solutions like Microsoft 365 and assume that the SaaS provider is responsible for protecting their data. In reality, that is rarely the case. SaaS providers build redundancy and backup strategies into their systems to limit their risk of a down system, but they're not taking responsibility for your data.

Data stored in the cloud is susceptible to incidents like cyberattacks, human error, and malicious deletions. Often, there is limited audit tracking to understand where data went and when the change occurred. The data is just gone, or encrypted. When this occurs, it’s the responsibility of the end user to recover their data. This is why it’s important for every business to understand the Shared Responsibility Model - a policy instituted by Microsoft to outline who is responsible for data loss in different scenarios.

MinneApp's SaaS Protection solution provides coverage your business data should have. Three times every day, your entire Microsoft 365 tenant is automatically backed up to a secure third-party data center. This protection covers:

  • Your mailbox including attachments
  • Calendar history
  • Contacts
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
Depending on the type of data, Microsoft only maintains 30-93 days of recycle bin history. The recycle bin doesn't protect against mistakes, malicious activity, or simply forgetting something was deleted. MinneApp's solution retains data for a full year after deletion, giving you the coverage window most businesses need. 

Just as valuable as having backup, is the ability to restore quickly and accurately. Using Microsoft's built-in options (primarily, export & archive) can protect your data, but it can be very time consuming to find specific data to recover, and to recover that data back into the cloud with the same settings, permissions, and structure in place. MinneApp's solution makes restore easy and quick. 

Don't let a cyberattack or a simple mistake impact your business for days, weeks, or even worse. Protect your data with MinneApp so you can focus on your work.


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